Born in NZ to Air-force family. Moved every 2 years all around NZ, London, and Bangkok. First musical performance, singing an A Cappella version of Sheb Wooley's "The Flying Purple People Eater" at School Christmas Show (6 Years old)The Beatles, Bob Dylan and The Seekers were all leaving their mark when Brent's Mum died of Kidney failure when he was 12.
For 4 years at Nelson College boarding school Brent did little but play the guitar and dream of escape. His Father was posted to Bangkok again and 16 year old Brent went up once a year for Christmas holidays, fell in love with a beautiful 17 year old Australian girl, before having to go back to boarding school.
Living in Auckland with his Dad he spent all his days trying to write songs and playing in coffee shops and folk clubs.
He got up the courage to contact Robert Raymond and Barry Coburn (music promoters) who, liking what they heared, put him in the studio for his first recording. Then on the road opening for The New Seekers and Muddy Waters.
He also had to take the stage at a Rock Festival between Fairport Convention and Black Sabbath.
A finals spot on NZBC's New Faces gave him a National profile and a hit single "I'm Looking Forward To Tonight" 
Then he ran away with a touring Rock Band called Beech and learned about life as a band member.Beech opened for Osibisa, The Sweet, Roxy Music, and Eric Clapton.
Before relocating to Australia Brent also opened for BB King and The Eagles.
In the '80's Brent became a must see act in Melbourne and Sydney wrote and recorded and pioneered the self -funded album. During this time he also opened for Randy Newman, Jesse Winchester and Guy Clark. He also continued his love of traveling doing gigs in London, Chicago, San Francisco, New York and LA.
Traveling to Tamworth in the early '90's he soon scored a record deal and some awards and went on touring with lots of TV and Radio exposure.
When the record deal ran it's course it was back to being an independent again. The four current Cd's "The Closest" "Good Man Down" "The Happy Note" and "Little Revolution" are testament to the time it takes to become an accomplished songwriter. The warmth and wisdom in these songs tell a tale of the ups and down's of love and life and explain why Brent has been described as a "National Treasure.
" Early in 1999 Brent was diagnosed with renal failure and had to spend the next 6 years on dialysis, which for a traveling musician was very hard.On June 24th 2006 He received a Kidney Transplant at The Royal Melbourne Hospital. His Father who died a month before had left some money for Brent to take his two sons on a big Holiday around the World. With stops in Bangkok, Paris and London the three of them then drove across America.
Little Revolution was recorded in 2006 with Trevor Reading and Howard Malkin and is an all acoustic album and videos of "Robinson Crusoe" and the Paul Simon song "Citizen of The Planet" can be found on You Tube.
In 2011 Brent recorded "This Wonderful Parade" with his friend Stephen Blackburn.
He toured the east coast supporting The Amazing Rhythm Aces.
2012 finds Brent writing again and in March he did a national tour supporting Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen.


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